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Before buying a property, remember to get the Property Price History straight from the government for under $10 to see what the property sold for last time. Do not risk paying too much. Also read up on Property Buying Information for your state so you understand what you are getting into.

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28 January 2013: Have you seen how CHEAP AMERICAN HOUSES are compared to Australia? : www.realtor.com

18 January 2013: Does anything in this article sound familiar? : Great Canadian real estate crash of 2013

13 August 2012: Welcome to Sub-Prime Australia : Broker blows whistle on sub-prime scandal

10 August 2012: Australian low-doc scam: Lives ruined in Westpac low-doc 'scam' & Lenders block borrowers' details

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29 July 2012: Living Away From Home Allowance gives tax breaks on accommodation: LAFHA Fringe Benefits

21 July 2012: NEW article added : Housing Costs and Utility Prices

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